Alison and Sophie. (2010).
Pippi at the age of 11 years. (March 2010).
Alison and her raccoon, Pache. (2003) 
Pawsitively Motivating Dog Training

Motivating dogs and their people to have fun learning together!

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Motivating dogs and their people to have fun learning together!

Meet Our Trainer!

Alison Casey has been an animal lover her whole life, growing up with everything from rabbits and ferrets to horses, cats, dogs, and even a raccoon, Alison has never been happier than when surrounded by her "critters". As a child, she was always in love with watching dog shows and agility trials on TV, and relished the opportunity to take her Jack Russell Terrier, Pippi, to an informal field trial and have her "go to ground".

As a child she dreamed of working at SeaWorld, training the sea lions and dolphins, and in zoos working with and training tigers, wolves and bears. Her first experiences training were teaching Pippi to sit and "dance", and teaching her cat Smokey to stand on his back legs for a lick of ice cream. She even started teaching Pippi to go over jumps in hopes of one day doing agility with her.

Alison's love for animals and training has always been a constant in her life, and she has now been working with dogs professionally for 8 years. It all began with dog walking while in college, where she provided dog walking, pet sitting, and training to many residents of Swarthmore, PA. After graduation, having been completely bitten by the "training bug" she pursued a career in dog training, wanting to learn as much as she could about humane and effective training methods as possible.

She went on to start training at Petsmart in Wilkes-Barre, PA, where she had the opportunity to conduct her first group classes. As a part time trainer at the store who desired more, she leaped at the opportunity to transfer to Dickson City as their full time trainer. She spent the next year teaching multiple levels of obedience training, preparing dogs for their Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog tests, and working with fear reactive dogs.

Wanting to do more in the world of dog training, she left Petsmart in February of 2010, started Pawsitively Motivating Dog Training and hasn't looked back! She is now an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, and conducts S.T.A.R. Puppy classes and tests. Because she believes that training should always be fun, and never involve pain, Alison is also a member of Truly Dog Friendly and The Pet Professional Guild. As she believes a trainer is never through learning, she is always attending a variety of continuing education conferences.

Alison lives with her feisty, challenging, and too-smart-for-her-own-good 7 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound/Dachshund mix Sophie. Sophie is always pushing Alison to expand her knowledge, become more creative in her training, and truly live her saying... "Every experience is a training opportunity!"

Sophie and Alison (finally!) began their career in Rally Obedience, taking home a first place Blue Ribbon on their first day of competition! They have since qualified with another first place run and a second place run, achieving Sophie's first title, RL1! Update: Sophie has earned her second title, RL2, and is currently working towards her level 1 and 2 championships and her RL3!


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