Whether you are looking to train your dog to be a Certified Therapy Dog, get their Canine Good Citizen, or just be a polite and loving member of your family, we have training classes to meet your needs!
Pawsitively Motivating Dog Training

Motivating dogs and their people to have fun learning together!

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Motivating dogs and their people to have fun learning together!

Welcome to Pawsitively Motivating Dog Training!

Pawsitively Motivating
is a positive reinforcement dog training business in Wilkes-Barre, PA. We focus on dog and family-friendly training methods that are not only effective, but make learning enjoyable for dogs and their humans. Through this type of training, we increase and enrich the bond and relationship between dogs and their owners, creating a two-way street for communication and mutual respect. We never use harsh verbal or physical corrections,
coercion, intimidation, or pain through the use of choke, prong, or shock collars.

We believe that training your dog is not just about sit and stay, but about every aspect of their lives. Because of this approach, we find it important to include nutrition and grooming as a standard part of our obedience classes, as well as focus on socialization and adequate mental and physical exercise.

Because every dog has different needs, we offer a variety of training options: everything from private in-home training to group classes and training walks. We strive to not only teach our furry friends, but educate their humans to continue training at home. A dog never stops learning and every experience is a training opportunity!

We love what we do (and so do our dogs!), and we know it shows!
We want to share our passion for having a happy, healthy relationship with our dogs with you!

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